Look What I Found In My Garden…

I hope that you had a go at some estimation and counting. Over on Tapestry is a suggestion to turn this into a competition. Have a go with the family.

Keep reading and writing he,she,me ,we,and be. Stick them on the fridge!

There is a new set of handwriting with capitals and lower case letters and the link to one of our favourite videos-Boom Shake the Alphabet


Its great for revision and for capital letters. We usually dance to this before lunchtime.

A funny thing happened when I went out in the garden. I found a pot of magic beans and some other very interesting items.

Take a look on Tapestry for a video of what I found.

Let me know who you think left the shoes.

I’ve written a little story starter for you and set out some Jenga words. Use your phonics and you can read it by yourself. You might fancy a bit of writing too.