It’s Friday,Pioneers !

We have made it to Friday. Congratulations. Here are some suggestions for learning:

Play! Play! Play! Play! Play! Play!

Here is a little maths idea that you can adapt and extend to suit your children. Select numbers that you may have been working with when estimating and counting this week.

It can lead to some great maths chat.

Useful phrases are,”I wonder…”,””How do you know? ,”Can you check?”

Remember to continue your estimating too.

Happy Counting


Read the book together. Look for capital letters. Look for any sounds the are on the sound map. Take it slowly.
This book has the -ng sound.
Here is the link to Geraldine:
Happy Reading


My Hand Wrting suggestion in Nn and Mm

Video on Tapestry

And we have done a little song for the weekend. It is a bit crazy. I hope you have fun watching.

Have a wonderful weekend and dont forget…

Play! Play! Play! Play!