Friday 24th April 2020

It’s Friday Discoverers,

I bet you are ready for a rest, after all of your hard work this week. 

In English today, I would like you to write the next paragraph in your story. This second paragraph will capture the description of your character. Remember to refer back to your plan, where you described your character, using adjectives, similes and metaphors. We will be continuing to write our story next week, so take your time, and think carefully about how you want to structure your sentences. 

Yesterday, you were able to determine a pattern within your results, and create a graph to represent this. You may have found that boys have a better memory than girls, or that girls have a better memory than boys. You may have found that the older the person, the better their memory, or the younger the person, the better their memory. Whatever results you found, I want you to try another challenge on your family, to see if you find the same pattern. You can think of your own challenge to test their memory, or I have a suggestion for you.

Say a two digit number out loud and ask your family to repeat it, then a three digit number, and then a four. Keep going until they are unable to repeat the number, or until they repeat it incorrectly. Record how many digits they were able to repeat, so that you can compare the results afterwards. Remember to challenge each person in your family individually, so that they don’t have an advantage when it is their turn. 


Lastly, in art you have been persevering with your animal drawing, and have produced several copies of the same animal, but including improvements each time. I was astounded with what you produced yesterday. Today, I want you to look at all of your drawings, and then focus on the progress you have made. Then, write down all of the things that you are proud of, and that you like about your final drawing, and the things that you have improved on the most. I want you to be as proud of your pictures as I am, because they are amazing.

You are all superstars, have a great weekend,

Mrs Taylor