Hello Learners – Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Everyone.

We are being so lucky with the weather right now. Long may it last!

Todays suggested learning (more details on Tapestry) is as follows;-

In maths, we are going to create a pictogram from the information we collected yesterday. This is quite a skill so be really proud of yourself if you manage it! I have provided lots of examples to help you!

In English, there is a delightful audio clip of some beach sounds. Close your eyes and imagine you are there.  What can you hear? How does it make you feel?

Geography today, this will help us with our story. Where will our magic bubble take us? to a different country perhaps? Can you name 4 countries in the World and find out a little bit about each one? What is the weather like there? What foods to they eat? Are there any famous landmarks (ie the Eiffel Tower is in France) 

Please remember these are only suggestions to be enjoyed if you would like to use them.

Don’t forget to send you video ‘hello’ messages in by the end of Thursday. I will put them together and send them out to you on Friday! I think this will be lovely!

Stay happy whatever you do today!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown