Good Morning Adventurers – Welcome to Wednesday!

Keep up the great work everybody! I just love seeing it all on Tapestry.

We had some wonderful leaf art and poetry yesterday. Great fraction work too!

Today I’ve got lots of exciting things for you to try and a new book to share with you called ‘Under the Love Umbrella’ by Davina Bell.

Mrs Burton has also posted a super DT project on Tapestry which will keep you very busy!

Here are today’s activities: (more information on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Pp’

English – join me and listen to our new story then we will start writing ideas for our poem based on this book.

Maths – Key Skills for Year and Year 3 then non-unit fraction work and a problem to solve!

Art – let’s create some more leaf art pictures. See how imaginative you can be!

I hope you enjoy trying some of these activities and have a lovely day.

Mrs Roe