Good Morning Adventurers!

‘Mountains to climb……opportunities to find!’

Hello everyone! I hope you managed to have a lovely weekend and find some sunshine.

I had a walk over the weekend and took some lovely photos of our beautiful surroundings.

I always like to hear about what you’ve been doing either on Tapestry or conversations on the phone and I’ve been amazed by all the things you’ve been achieving whilst at home.

Today’s activities includes writing about some of your achievements linked to our school story ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ as well as some maths, reading and art work. (More details on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Aa’

English – with reference to the words from our story ‘There are mountains for climbing and journeys to take’, I would like you to use these as a metaphor and think of the mountains you have climbed during your time at home.  For example, lots of you have learnt to ride your bikes without stabilisers. So let’s write about all our achievements.

Shared reading – Little Red Riding Hood

Maths – Key skills for Year 2 and Year 3. Then we will complete some work on place value.

Art and crafts – make your own superhero mask to celebrate your achievements.

I hope you enjoy some or all of these tasks and have a lovely day.

Mrs Roe