Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning Leaders,

I hope you all managed to get outside this weekend with the return of some sunshine. ☀️

We are going to continue using the Rain Before Rainbows book for our learning this week and we will move onto having a look at the illustrations in the book.

Happy Learning. ?


Here are some more lines from the book.

‘Dark days may shake us. And worries creep in. With dragons to duel. And battles to win.’

I’d like you to read the lines carefully (and listen to the whole story again if you wish) and explain what you think these lines in the book mean.

You may need to use your inference skills and read between the lines.


A ratio shows how much of one thing there is compared to another.

Today, I’d like you to watch the short clip explaining about ratio – 

Once you think you have got it, have a go at the quiz at the bottom of the page to test your knowledge.


‘There are mountains for climbing. Journeys to take.’

Today, I would like you to investigate mountains. you might want to link this to your time zone work from last week and use the same countries, or you can use totally different ones.

See what you can find our about mountains in different countries – you might want to find the highest, the country with the most, or just find mountains in certain countries.

You can record your findings how you would like – this could be a poster, a table or even a set of top trumps cards – the choice is yours.


Have a great day everybody,


Mrs Walker