Friday’s News – 19th June

Good morning everyone!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

I think the weather is set to warm up a little again, which will be nice!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;-
In Maths we will use all the coin/money skills we have learned this week and have a go at some money games!
In English we are thinking about the line from our book which says ‘Footsteps to follow, words that are wise’. I would like you to discuss what you think this means and talk about whose footsteps you would like to follow in and why?
In Phonics there are some real and nonsense words to practise.
It’s Read-a-Book Friday, so grab a book and cuddle up somewhere cosy and enjoy reading together!
RE – Following in Jesus’s footsteps – how and why would and should we do this?

Keep in touch with me as always and have a lovely weekend!
Best wishes and keep those big smiles smiling!
Mrs Brown


Maths – Money Games

You have worked really hard this week and have become much more confident recognising and using money – well done!

Today, we will use all the skills you have learned this week and apply them when we try these two fun money games ;- 




Yes its Friday again!
That can only mean one thing – Read-a-Book-Friday!
So grab a book, or you could even check out Oxford Owl or sign up for the Virtual Library Summer Challenge if you haven’t already.

Also check out the story link Mr Grason mentioned in his email on Wednesday, which has been set up by the National Literary Trust and Stephen Joseph Theatre – here’s the link again below;- 

Whatever you do enjoy reading today!


English – Footsteps to follow

In English today we will think about another line from our book ‘Footsteps to follow, words that are wise’.
Talk together and discuss what you think footsteps to follow means? Does it mean walking behind someone? What else can it mean?
Talk about why you might want to follow in someone’s footsteps? Whose footsteps might you want to follow in?
Have a discussion first, then write down your findings if you would like.

I would like to follow in my Grandma’s footsteps because she is the kindest person I have ever known!


Phonics – Words to practise 

Today in Phonics let’s use all of our Phonics knowledge and practise some words together.
There are some real words and also some nonsense (alien) words to practise! – see picture below!

Let me know how you get on!


RE – Following in Jesus’ Footsteps

In English today we have been thinking about what it means to follow in someone’s footsteps!
I would like you also to think how you can follow in Jesus’s footsteps.
What would you need to do to follow in Jesus’s footsteps? What does the Bible tell us about what kind of person he was? What did he do that we might want to be like him?
Can you discuss this together, there is no need to write anything down unless you would like to.

Watch this lovely dance and song about following in Jesus’s footsteps!