Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Learners and good morning Adventurers!

It is Thursday (already!) we hope you are all well and happy this morning!

We have decided to team up today in some activities with a common theme……RAINBOWS.

Here are some suggested activities for you today (See Tapestry for further details).

  • Maths/colour – Go on a colour hunt around your home and garden. Can you find some objects that match the colours in Mrs   Brown’s song?
  • Draw a beautiful rainbow in your purple book. Tell and write a story about a magic rainbow or make a list of the colours you have used.
  • Phonics (Learners Class) – sound buttons today. Keep practising!
  • Music – A new song to learn – I Can Sing a Rainbow. Will anyone be able to sing it back to us on Tapestry?
  • Also, as we didn’t make it on our trip Ryedale Folk Museum have sent us an exciting link to A Museum From Home. Check it out, here’s the link

Keep us posted whatever you’re doing today and look out for rainbows!

Mrs Roe and Mrs Brown

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Hello everyone, another lovely sunny day and a chance to spend some quality time in the garden or a safe outdoor space.

I’d like to start my post by posing a question I was asked on the school playground last week:

‘Why are worms different colours?’

Let’s investigate and carry out lots of observations of minibeasts in their habitats.

Perhaps you might create your own habitat for some woodlice.

If you want to spend some time indoors learning about minibeasts try the ‘Top Marks’ web page they have some super activities.


I also read a super post on shadow drawing which could be done indoors or out. Put a toy animal or other object in front of a white piece of paper and then draw round it on the paper.

These are only suggested activities so please pick and choose as you wish!

I hope you all have a fun day.

Best wishes

Mrs Roe




Good Morning! It’s a lovely sunny day to raise our spirits.

It’s a lovely day for some outdoor learning and I’d like to share some Forest School ideas with you.

  • Make some pictures in the garden using twigs, leaves, stones and mud. These could be family portraits or pets.
  • You could create your own garden clock making numbers from stones and using twigs for the hands.
  • Build a small den for a toy animal or doll. You could even test that it’s waterproof!

Indoor activities:

  • Make a watch from paper or a clock face to go on a box.
  • Create some art work to display in your windows to help cheer people up. Perhaps a rainbow, sunflower or hearts.

I would like to recommend the website San Diego Zoo Kids. We have used this in school and it has lots of information on all the animals, videos and live cams, games, activities and stories.

Hope you have a happy day!

Mrs Roe


Good Morning!

Hello Everyone,

I realise how hard it must be to balance jobs with home schooling support and I would like to offer some ‘Top Tips’ for getting home schooling off to a positive start.

I feel it is important to maintain a routine to provide structure to children’s days as we would in school.

I hope these tips may help:

  • Discuss the routine or timetable for the day – just as we would in school.
  • Have a dedicated work space/schoolroom.
  • work in short bursts of 30 to 40 minutes with regular breaks for exercise or fresh air in the garden.
  • mix up the lessons – with maths, reading, writing and spellings but also sport, music, art and crafts.

Please don’t panic or worry, this won’t be easy for anyone and there is no rulebook on this! We all learn as we go along.


I also thought it might be nice to complete a weather chart everyday with pictures and some writing. 

Start saving some recycling waste for junk modelling at a later date.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you all by phone during the week.

Take care and I’m thinking about you all.

Mrs Roe

Good Morning Adventurers

Hello Adventurers and Parents,

I hope you are all well and managing some of the home learning we sent out to you last week as well as having fun with other activities.

We have also created some SumDog challenges for you to try or you can visit some of the links for different learning websites.

We are hoping to contact you all shortly so we can keep in touch.

Take care

Mrs Roe

Daily Update-23rd March 2020

Good Morning All,

We hope that you are all well. Thank you to everyone who has made contact with school today. In a strange turn of events,the school has no internet at the moment so if you have any needs please contact Mr Grason using the school telephone number or those of you who have Tapestry can send a message that way.

Class Teachers will continue to update the blog.

Team Sleights.