Good Morning! It’s a lovely sunny day to raise our spirits.

It’s a lovely day for some outdoor learning and I’d like to share some Forest School ideas with you.

  • Make some pictures in the garden using twigs, leaves, stones and mud. These could be family portraits or pets.
  • You could create your own garden clock making numbers from stones and using twigs for the hands.
  • Build a small den for a toy animal or doll. You could even test that it’s waterproof!

Indoor activities:

  • Make a watch from paper or a clock face to go on a box.
  • Create some art work to display in your windows to help cheer people up. Perhaps a rainbow, sunflower or hearts.

I would like to recommend the website San Diego Zoo Kids. We have used this in school and it has lots of information on all the animals, videos and live cams, games, activities and stories.

Hope you have a happy day!

Mrs Roe