Wow! It’s Wednesday.

Snails are beautiful and here is a link to a beautiful picture of a snail created by the famous artist Matisse

I am also including a link to a lot of activities from the gallery in London where you can see this art work:

I have had a go at creating my own copy of Mr Matisse’s Snail. You could use any paper pieces you have to create your own snail. He called his art form “painting with scissors”

As with Bug Quiz,look at all the features of the text: the index,contents page,labels,photographs and page numbers.
Go slowly with the sounds and use your sound mat to help you.
Revisit “W” on Geraldine the Giraffe”

and have a look at this one on double letter.Always useful to chat about.

Happy Reading


I would like to introduce you to my Bugs. They have lots of legs and lots of spots. You may be able to spot some doubles. You can write and draw some maths pictures.
Bugs like sweets.
But the are not so very good a sharing.
Have a go at sharing. Perhaps you could do it with some of your toys.
In some of the pictures the bugs have not shared equally. They do not have half each. This is not fair.
Count carefully and check.
Happy Counting