What an exciting week!

Wow! What an exciting week we have had. We enjoyed our usual swim session on Tuesday and we are becoming so much more confident in the water.

In RE, we have begun to discuss our new focus question ‘What makes some places sacred?’ We had purposeful discussions about the word sacred and we drew pictures of our own ‘safe’ places and were able to explain why it was special to us.

On Thursday morning we were lucky to welcome local artist Liz Collier into Learners class. She worked with us all morning to create some art pieces around the theme of ‘diversity’. This will be collaborated into a whole school art piece and we are so excited to see the final result. Enjoy our pictures below;-

To add to our excitement, we were able to watch the demolition of our pre-school building this week. This was fascinating and a big moment for the school, as we look forward to the building of our new Early Years classrooms! There were lots of ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from the children (and staff) as the building came crashing down! As our writing topic is currently letter writing, we have been inspired to write our next letter to the builders on site, we are thinking carefully about the questions we may ask them.

What an exciting week!

Learners class