Friday 17th June 2022

This week has seen two visitors, buildings being demolished and a sporting event. It has certainly been a busy and enjoyable week in Leaders class.

On Monday, we were joined by Mini Medics in school. Throughout the morning, the children learned how to call for help, put someone in the recovery position, give CPR and how to access a defibrillator. The children were amazing throughout the session and thoroughly enjoyed practicing their new skills.

We were also joined by local artist, Liz Collier, for two art sessions this week. Liz worked with the children to create art inspired by the five British Values that, when completed, will be displayed around school. The children enjoyed working collaboratively on a number of tasks during these sessions.

In addition to the visitors that we have had in class, the children have also been learning about phonetic sounds in French and have been using their calculation skills to work out salaries, take-home pay and hourly rates in maths. In science, Leaders learned about the heart, veins, arteries and blood. The children enjoyed creating a circulatory system on the playground.