We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather!

This week in Science, we have been learning more about the weather. We have thought about temperatures and how these are reflected in seasonal change. We have made our own weather charts and will be recording the weather every day next week. We also have a class thermometer ready and will be recording the temperature outside our classroom each day and also recording this information on our charts. We have been watching the weather reports in class, but who knows what the weather will do?

On Wednesday, we enjoyed Forest School.  We made some forest memory sticks. We took our time and really focused on improving our skills. We chose a stick and wrapped around some string, using knots to secure each end. This took considerable concentration and perseverance and our efforts certainly paid off! We then attached some pretty leaves and plants to our forest memory stick. The sense of achievement was awesome! 

In English, we have been comparing our own homes to that of Victorian homes in preparation of becoming Estate Agents. We have used our knowledge of Victorian houses  in order to use persuasive language in a way that will encourage a prospective buyer – we are excited to get writing! 

We are excited to be included in Paddy Billington’s “Sleeps for Santa” song on our local radio station and he will be coming to school this week to record us. We have enjoyed practising the song this week and are starting to feel a little bit Christmassy! More details of when this will be airing to follow!

Learners’ Class are such happy, busy Class.