Stuck on the Moon

Last week we had a lot of chat  around the books we read by Oliver Jeffers. A question came up that was unexpected and that was,”Why don’t the penguins fall off the bottom of our planet?”

This week we have found out a little bit about the movements of the earth,the sun and the moon and day and night. The Pioneers love new words and like to say axis and equator and imaginary line.

We took a look at Google Earth and identified the land and the sea and noticed that some of the land was different colours.

We read another Oliver Jeffers book called The Way Back Home and this supplied us with wonderful words to read and play with. We made little puppets to act out the story before writing our own sentences. We talked a lot about our Christian trust and the relationship between the boy and the alien and they each would be feeling. This was outstanding.

We finished the week by answering a question from the book. The little boy was stuck on the moon and how was he to get down. The Pioneers had their own ideas involving trampolines and ropes,parachutes and bird.

The models were are a huge success.