Welcome to a New Week of Happy Learning Pioneers


Way back in time,when Pioneers were small,I read my favourite story Stuck by the wonderful Oliver Jeffers.
This week it would be lovely to make some kites. The weather forecast says it’s going to be windy.
Sit back and enjoy the story. It is in two parts- watch the 2nd bit first where I am holding a closed book.
Happy Reading


Last week,I was singing 17 in the Bed and 5 Lovely Buns.
Both of these are subtraction based songs.
Here are my suggestions for some more fun:
Based on our book “Stuck”, I have a collection of things that were stuck in my tree. Can your Pioneer count them and spot missing items and changes?
I brought the things in and set them on the table. Each time I have taken something away.
Look together at then photographs.
How many items are there?
How many items have I taken away?
You can write number sentences using – and =.
You can make your own game by having a selection of items on the tray,cver with a cloth…no peeping. Can you name the missing item.
or look at the selection for 30 seconds,then cover. How many can you remember?
How many did you forget?

Here are some useful maths links,if you need them:

Here is a suggestion for a Numberblocks episode to watch.

Here is a good game to play online to support all numberwork. It is one of my all time favourites.

This one is great to get going on bigger numbers:

This one makes an awful noise:

And this one is lovely to use for clear adding and subtraction:

And don’t forget that Sumdog is set up for youif that is something that your Pioneer enjoys.

Happy Counting

Happy Counting

Here is your new reading book. The full text is on Tapestry
As always,enjoy reading it together. Take it slowly.
If your Pioneer does not want to read,read it with them. It is tricky.
Go through the sounds on the cover page and keep your sound mat close by.
All reading is good reading.


Here are some new words to get familiar with this week.
Last week Pioneers wrote them in all sorts of funny places to help them to get reading and writing.
One Pioneer wrote them in chalk on their toy car and then washed them off when asked.
Little and often is good.


Some nice handwriting for you today.
Happy Writing