We love the outdoors!

We have had a week full of the great outdoors this week. We have enjoyed our first School sports day in two years and it was sensational! The sun was shining, the children tackled each activity with a sense of fun and positivity. They cheered each other on and supported their friends and siblings. Our families were able to spectate this year. There were smiles all round! 

On Friday, we ended the week with a visit to the forest. The weather was beautiful, we found some shade and laid out some rugs and cushions. We read and enjoyed stories together, we sketched using grass and charcoal, we climbed trees, and we even practised our singing for the up and coming church concert. We embraced every moment of being outdoors.

In maths, we have been measuring water this week and learning about capacity and volume. Whilst in science, we have been identifying parts of our bodies.

We were delighted to receive a reply from our hedgehog awareness letters (sent to our neighbours last week) and were lucky to receive a gift of a hedgehog ornament along with a letter. This certainly made our day and we were so thankful to our kind neighbour.

Who knows what next week will have in store?

Read our blog next week to find out!

Learners class.