All About Animals

The Pioneers really enjoyed their time with the visitor from The Dog’s Trust. They were very receptive and were able to recap on the 4 important points from the lesson. They knew not to tough a dog if it is asleep ore eating. The knew not to cuddle a dog and to ask for permission before approaching a dog that was not known to them. This was quite impressive. They all had lots of chat about dogs in their families.

Very useful learning.

After reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley the Pioneers voiced their concerns about the animals in the story-the turtle,the whale and the jellyfish. some had seen videos of animals in distress trapped in fishing nets and discarded plastic. When we went to our forest they noted that their was rubbish and this could be dangerous to wildlife on our site. The Pioneers made their own Stanleys and added labels with a warning “Plastic Bags Don’t Belong in the Forest”. They made story maps and wrote about Stanley.

Happy Learning