Tuesday is the Best Day Ever Pioneers!

At dinner every evening we have a big question to discuss. Some of the other teachers have also asked their children some difficult questions about life,the universe and everything.

I thought that the Pioneers might give some great answers to some of life’s big questions.

I’d love to hear their answers.

So here is your first one…

“What is the best thing? ….Ever…? …Right now…?
so that is possibly three questions!


Here are a few suggestions for some simple percussion options. Open up your cupboard and dig out the lentils.
Brew up a storm in your own kitchen.
This may give you another opportunity to talk about classification of materials.
Use the sentence starters,”I wonder…” And “What happens if/when..?”

Here is a link to another wild piece of music:
My best bit is at about 37 minutes. It’s reallly loud and storm then.

Happy drumming.

Fred,Ted and Tim like peaches.
They start with 12 peaches.
Time eats 2
Fred eats 3.
Ted eats 4.
How many peaches are left?
You can try this problem in many ways.
It can be done setting stuff out and talking it through.
You can write the number sentences.
You can start with the number of peaches left and work back:
There are 3 peaches left. How many did we start with?
Try this out with different starting numbers and distributions of stuff.
Draw pictures. Talk. Write.
Ask “I wonder…? ” and “What if…?”
Happy Maths

Here is your phonics suggestion today:
Take a look at the Phase 4 sheet from yesterday and have a go at the sounds together.
Revisit yesterday’s “tr” -read together.
Can your Pioneer recognise each word?
This is tricky.
Now have a look at “dr” and do the same.
Happy learning