Thursday’s News – 4th June

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all ok today!

The weather is a little bit cooler, but not raining at the moment – which is good!

Today’s suggested learning on Tapestry is as follows:-

In Maths we will begin to look at 3D shapes!

In English, I want us to think about where and why we use a question mark in our writing – so ask lots of questions today and draw an invisible question mark in the air when you do!

Some more spellings today, Lots to practise – how many will you get correct?

Mrs Brown came across an interesting short video about how computer games work – I thought you might be interested to find out!

Don’t forget you can sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge tomorrow – don’t forget!

Take care and keep in touch with me on Tapestry and let me know what you are doing!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown