Thursday 30th April 2020

Good Morning Leaders.

It has been fantastic talking to your families and finding out what you have been up to. Don’t forget you can send in your work, or anything you would like to share, on Tapestry or by e-mail. I love seeing all your achievements – you are very talented Leaders!!


You now have all the tools required to write your own story. You may like to write about a more traditional portal that leads you to a magical world, or you may prefer to draw upon your personal experiences, as we have explored throughout this unit.

To recap on all the key points we’ve been learning:

  1. Describe the portal in detail. You may want to show the portal through the eyes of the main character.
  2. Think about what lies on the other side of the door. Allow yourself the opportunity to write about what interests you and what is important to you.
  3. Great writers steal ideas (‘magpie’) from other great writers. Reflect upon the portal stories that you have loved reading and consider what made these so engaging. Try to bring in some of these skills and techniques into your own work.  
  4. Enjoy it. Writing is all about sharing a passion for words, stories and the world of possibility. If you love the story you are writing – so too will your reader.

You don’t have to write all of your story today; we will be carrying on tomorrow to complete our stories.


Today we are going to look at division. Have a look at another Supermovers video to re-cap on the link between division facts.

How about a game? Have a go at this one, see how many coins and how far you can get in Cave run, using your division skills.

Finger Spelling – Sign Language

Fingerspelling is a way of spelling words using hand movements and is part of learning sign language. Each letter of the alphabet has a different sign. British Sign Language (BSL) uses a two-handed version.

Fingerspelling is only a part of learning sign language but getting you to learn your name would be a great start. Have a look at the posters for the letters you need (there is a left-handed and right-handed version) and see if you can have a go. Upload a video of you signing your name.