Thursday 25th June

Good morning Adventurers – another beautiful day!! 


Today’s activities are as follows…

Maths – key skills and 2 step addition and subtraction word problems.

English – handwriting (colours)

We’re going on a rainbow hunt:

I would like you to watch the video of We’re going on a bear hunt and look closely at the illustrations. See how they change from pencil drawing in black and white to the colourful illustrations. 

Today and tomorrow, I would like you to spend some time illustrating your stories of We’re going on a rainbow hunt ? to bring the stories to life.

I am looking forward to seeing the results!


French Thursday 

Using the animal names you have been learning over the past few weeks, can you make a word search to give a friend/family member?


As usual, more details of each activity is over on tapestry. I hope you have a lovely day in the sun! 

Mrs Burton