Thursday 25th June 2020

Good Morning Leaders

Yet another beautiful day – please make sure you put on your sun cream and hats if you are outside. ??

Rain Before Rainbows – English

Today, I would like you to complete a piece of descriptive writing to go with the picture that you completed yesterday. Remember to choose your words wisely, using powerful vocabulary to build a picture in the reader’s mind.

Graphs – Maths

Today, we are going to look at pie charts. Remember these show a portion of a whole (like slices of a cake).

Have a look at the graph and then have a go at answering the questions.

Seed Dispersal – Science

‘Sowing and planting. Root before shoot. Stem before flower.
Leaf before fruit.’

When plants get to the end of their flowering cycle you may have heard the term ‘gone to seed’ this means that they have finished flowering and they are beginning to produce seeds to make new plants and flowers. These seeds travel in a number of ways.

Today, I’d like you to investigate the different ways seeds can be dispersed. You might want to begin by watching the clip below.