That Friday Feeling! – 24th April

Hello everyone!

Todays suggested Home Learning is as follow;- (see Tapestry for more details)

  • Maths – you have done so well with your data handling this week – todays task is to use some Scaled Pictograms to retrieve information. Do not be put off by the word Scaled it simply means that each picture is worth more than one. Have a go and see how you get on – it is a great skill to learn.
  •  English – think of some WOW words today. WOW words make our writing even better! What is the best WOW word you can think of? Use some story books to help you!
  •  Phonics – the ir sound today. Read the real and pseudo (alien) words – we love to do this in class!
  •  Art – Bubble Art – We have been thinking about bubbles in our story this week, so today sketch them, draw them, paint them even make them! have some fun with this.

I have received a lot of video messages to say ‘hello’ to each other – thank you so much! I will send these out at 12pm today on Tapestry – I can’t wait! Please remember to respect the privacy rules and not share these outside Tapestry.

Enjoy the sun today and keep in touch whatever you are doing!

Have a lovely weekend

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown