Slugs and Snails-Our Theme for the Week

These words are tricky and your Pioneer will need help to work on these.
Post them around the house. Make them with play dough. Write them in flour…if you have any! Scratch them in the mud.
Put them on the mirror in lipstick.
Have fun.


Don’t forget to repeat all the letter shapes you have done already.
Happy Writing

Alongside the Bug Quiz book,I thought it would be nice to have a focus on some of our garden dwellers.
We can begin the week with snails. Here is a little video to get youstarted.

Pop out into the garden and have a look for some snails. I have found one next to a down pipe where it is cool and dark and damp.
Where can you find snails?

Here is a new reading book for this week. This one is non-fiction and it is good to point out all the features in the text.
Have a chat about the index and  use it to find information. Point out the questions and the labels and discuss arrows and lines to join text and pictures. Use the contents page and the page numbers.
Go to YouTube and look at Geraldine for ‘qu’ to revise.
Have your sound mat handy to help with all the sounds.
Happy Reading



Maths Magic

So here is a little interesting problem for you:
In my garden I saw 12 legs. Which animals could they be?
Explain your answer. Perhaps you could use little animals and draw pictures .
You might like to write the number of legs next to each animal and write a number sentence for the total.

Remember to do some daily estimation and practise writing your numbers.
Do 20 claps,20 star jumps and 20 squats.
Dance along to our favourite counting video:

And watch an episode of Numberblocks to get ready for your maths magic.