Rockets and Rainbows

It has been a busy week in Pioneers. Our rocket is now in good working order and we have written instructions to ensure everything is in place for future flights. The Pioneers took their instructions outside and followed them from getting the rocket out of the box to the 7,6,5,4,3,2,1…Blast Off. Later in the week we all got to fly Zach’s rocket too.We had to wait for the best weather conditions and the result was good.


We have talked a lot about light,our mirror ball and the lens blocks. This week we talked about rainbows and their colour sequence. The Pioneers painted on a variety of surfaces and we read the Bible story of Noah and his Ark. Next week we will story map and have a go at building an ark for 8 animals.

The floor has been pretty wet this week but the exploration has been fun. The Pioneers have been finding out about capacity by pouring and filling and emptying.

So much learning.