Monday 30th March

Good morning Learners and families. I hope you are all ok and have had a lovely weekend together.

The sun has gone behind the clouds for now, but I’m sure will be back out soon.

To keep you busy and entertained, I will be suggesting daily activities for you to do as part of your Home Learning!

Please do as much or as little of these activities as you can manage as part of your daily routine. Please access Tapestry for pictures and further details on each of these activities.

Todays activities are;-

  •  I will be reading “Were going on a Bear Hunt” as tonight’s story, so gather up your favourite bear (i’ll be brining mine) and join me at 6pm. You could draw a picture of your special bear in your purple book and tell me why he/she is so special.
  •  Fold some strips of paper to make caterpillars. Can you make a family of caterpillars of different lengths?  Decorate them too (be as creative as you like).   Which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Can you order them in length? if you have a ruler you can measure them. If you have a straw you can blow them to make them move!
  •  Phonics – our favourite! Todays sound is the “ay” sound – There are some real and pseudo (alien) words to practice on Tapestry.
  • A family portrait – let your artistic side out today. Draw a picture of yourself or a family member.

Please remember, these are suggestions only to help you keep busy.

Please send me pictures/videos on Tapestry of what you have done today or just a message to say hello.

Sending you a smile 🙂

Mrs Brown