It’s Friday Pioneers. Let’s Do Some Fabulous Learning 19th June 2020

Lego blocks are perfect for lots of maths.
Sort the blocks by the number of dots.
Ask your Pioneer to say the number sentences out loud .
Monday’s Numberblocks introduced x and the I have written “lots of”.
This is new and may be tricky so go slowly and enjoy.
Use the writing on my bubble board to help with chat.
Draw pictures.
Happy Maths

Last week I suggested Phonics Play to add to your routine.
Here is another selection of suggestions
I would also suggest to revisit all the sounds covered this week:

Happy Learning


Our Award Winning Hedgehog Close Film

This little film is beautiful and contains some suggestions to make your garden hedgehog friendly. One suggestion is to leave food for a hedgehog.
Another is to provide a home, maybe in a log pile.
Perhaps you could write a sign for the hogs and make a cafe for them.
Could you find a selection of food for a hedgehog and write a menu perhaps?