It’s Friday – Hurray! 22nd May

Good morning Learners and families.

Yesterday was another sunny day, lets hope it lasts!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

Today, on Tapestry, I have set an extra fun task – seeing as its Friday – Pass The Water!

Also, in Maths there are some Key Skills to do today, just like we do in class.

In English, if you would like to, have a go at writing a poem about a flower today! See Mrs Browns example to help!

Also, in Art have a go at drawing or painting a flower of your choice – I have added some pictures from my daily walk yesterday!

Its Read-a-Book Friday again – so grab a book or go on Oxford Owl – make sure you keep up with your fantastic reading – it’s sooo important!

Enjoy the warm weather and the Bank Holiday Weekend – as much as you can!

Stay Safe and keep smiling 🙂

Best wishes as always,

Mrs Brown