Have a Tip Top Thursday Pioneers

This is today’s suggestion for maths magic.
The photographs say it all.


Our book for this week “Rain Before Rainbows” talks about day and night.

These short clips are perfect to introduce chat about this. It will also be a way in to the short text I have written for reading and writing too.


Here is a song that with stick in your head.

Happy Learning


You may have heard of Google Earth. We have used iti in the classroom and the children were fascinated however you may be unaware of Google Moon and even Google Mars.Have a whizz around the surface of the moon.It is incredible.

Happy Exploring Pioneers

This text is written for the Pioneers to read.
You could read this together.
Your Pioneer could have a try to read it.
If you learn the text and make a story map or do some pictures, you could try writing it for yourself.
Go slowly
Keep your sound mat handy and take a fresh look at Geraldine for “igh” and “oo”. if that would be fun.

Have a Tip Top Thursday Pioneers