Happy Tuesday Pioneers! Have Fun


Now as well as making kites,I am pretty hopeless at making paper aeroplanes.
I am delighted to direct you to a great website with fantastic instruction to help you make the best aeroplanes. Mr Hann was very helpful and made these up for me. He has given them names.

My suggestion is to have a bit of a competition which will involve your mathematical thinking.
Once you have made your aeroplanes,find an open space ,position a start line and throw.
How far do you think “the Lion” will fly? 3 big steps,4 giant jumps or use a stick.How many sticks?
Once you have estimated you could discuss a tape measure if your Pioneer wants to.
Which aeroplane flew the furthest?
If there was a competition for flying the furthest who was 1st, 2nd,3rd…
What would happen if we put a giraffe on top of the aeroplane?


I have taken photographs of the boat making from yesterday.
I have added text that fits with the sounds we have covered along with the tricky words.
You can read this like a reading book
Your Pioneer may like to write their own words or sentences.
You could make your own photostory of boat making or of your aeroplane measurement.
I did this on Messenger on my phone but I can recommend Piccollage if you have not tried it before.


Today, I suggest a Millilitre Hunt. It’s raining so take a look in your food cupboards.
Take a look in your cupboard and look for the ml abbreviation. Can you find any other letters and numbers on the sides of tins and bottles? Why do some have g and some have ml? Can you sort the bottles in different ways?
Look at a measuring jug and the numbers on the side.

A teaspoon holds 5ml. It is a really useful starting point when talking about ml.
How many teaspoons of water would fill the cup?
Which bottle holds the most?
Which bottle will hold the least?

That’s Maths Magic!


Here is a new reading book featuring the oo sound.
I suggest reading this together a number of times and letting your Pioneer join in.
You could take a look at Geraldine doing the oo sound to help you along and extend this.

Haooy Reading