Happy Tuesday! – 5th May

Good morning Learners and families!

If you haven’t already voted for your favourite story from last week, then today is your last day to do this! Login to Tapestry and select the Let’s Vote update – its easy to do!

Today in English, we are going to play a game of Character Guess Who – describe in detail anyone you like (a super hero, a book character, a family member, a teacher) but don’t say their name. The other person has to guess who you are describing! – It’s fun!

Yesterday in maths we counted in 2s and today we will count in 5s – practise makes perfect!

In phonics we will focus on the au sound – as in the word haunted.

Let’s make some VE day bunting and flags today to prepare for Fridays celebrations!

Have a happy day, whatever you are doing and keep sending in your messages and videos on Tapestry!

Keep smiling as always 🙂

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown