Good Morning Adventurers – Happy Friday

Go on Tapestry and watch ‘Lottie the Llama’ do a happy Friday dance. Perhaps you could make up your own dance and post it on Tapestry. It could be our Friday dance to welcome the weekend.

I’ve been really loving all the amazing habitat boxes you’ve been making. You’ve all been putting a lot of thought into them and they are all very different!

Don’t forget that today you can join up for the libraries virtual reading challenge as part of the ‘Silly Squad’

 We’ll share a book every day next week on Tapestry.

As it’s friday I’ve changed today’s learning so no handwriting or key skills but hopefully lots of other exciting things to do:

English – create a fact file for one more animal of your choice. Carry out some research and organise your information under subheadings. I chose a spider today.

Maths – listen to part of the story ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’  then find ingredients to measure and pour into your own potion. You can also join Professor Pipette in a capacity dance.

DT – finish off your animal habitat or simply enjoy playing with it.

The weather is not great today but I’m sure we can have a lovely time and dance the rain away!

Enjoy your day.

Mrs Roe