Good Morning Adventurers – Back to school Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the VE Day celebrations. It was lovely to see some of your photos on Tapestry and I was very impressed with all the wonderful decorations and home baking which helped make the day very special.

Well it’s Monday morning again and I have planned a very busy day for us if you choose to try some of the activities. (More details for each task are on Tapestry)

Today’s tasks include:

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Hh’

Maths – key skills  10 questions for Year 2 and Year 3 (You could try both!)

               Fractions, make your own fraction wall and make fractions using everyday objects, make sure they are equal parts and ask                       permission first! 

English – Poetry. Let’s recite the poem ‘ Anyone seen my dragon?’ by James Carter then identify the rhyming words and use them to                        make silly sentences.

                  By the end of the week I would like us all to write a poem based on the book ‘Under the love umbrella’

                   a wonderful book about the joy and comfort that love can bring.

Nature/science – Go on a nature walk with your family and collect some leaves. Can you identify the leaves and label them? Become a                                   leaf expert!

Happy learning and enjoy your day!

Mrs Roe