Good Morning 27th March -Mud Pies and Other Recipes

Mud Pies and Other Recipes

Good Morning to you all. It is a bit frosty but I do think that when the sun starts to shine the garden will be a lovely place to be so with this in mind I have a suggestion for learning today taken from one of my most favourite books.

  1. Look at the recipe ideas in the photographs from the book. A grown up can help you.
  2. Take a look in your garden. Each garden will have special things and each Pioneer will have special ideas. 
  3. Do your recipe. Who is it for? How will you serve your creation?
  4. Make a story map to share your recipe with others.We can show our photographs to each other on a shared post later so take lots of pictures.
  5. Write some words to add to your story map-Stir,mix,grass,grit,muck,dish. Use your phonics sheets to help you.
  6. Happy Learning

Have a wonderful day people. I will do a story during the morning so look out for a post on Tapestry