Good Monday Morning Pioneers

Here is the link to the most beautiful book. The teachers read the book together. Once you have watched the video of us,take a look at the wonderful illustrations and have a chat about it.

What are your comments?
What do you think?
Which is the best bit for you?

Happy Reading

The weather this weekend has been fantastic. I love the wind and the rain.
Mr Wolf would certainly have needed an waterproof coat and a strong pair of boots to get through this storm.

Today I would like to share with you some music to listen to and enjoy.
I the classroom, your Pioneer has their own conducting stick or baton and we have discussed the role of the conductor. I would like to suggest finding a baton and conducting the orchestra.

This is The Storm-an interlude from Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten.

You can talk about all of the instruments and make some of your own too.
I will be adding ideas over the week,on how to do this.


The Animals are standing in a queue waiting to take their turn.

The Fox is getting bored and wants to know how many people there are in the queue.

His mum says,”There are 3 behind you and 4 in front of you. How many animals are there altogether?”

The Fox scratches his head and had a think. “I do believe I may have to draw a picture to work it out!”

Pioneers,can you draw a picture,use stuff and write the number sentences to help him.

Could you make up another one for your grown ups to do.

I love this problem.

That’s Maths Magic.

“tr” can sound like “chr” so it is a tricky one.
Have a go at reading these “tr” words and the sentence.
If you feel particularly confident you could have a go at writing these for yourself.
Spelling is more difficult than reading.
Keep your sound mat next to you.
Have a look at the Phase 4 sound mat too and start to get to know your way around it.
You will find this on one of the other posts today “Words to Work on”
Have fun