Getting Out In The Sunshine

The Pioneers have enjoyed the fresh air this week and have taken the opportunity to inhabit new areas to play. Often they restrict themselves and get stuck in to play in the same place each day. They are creatures of habit but the sunshine and new growth has sparked their curiosity to go and dig somewhere else. The corner near the fence has become popular for perfume makers and capturing worms. The area and the front of the classroom has some hidden areas to explore,under the cover of big trees. This was exciting this week. Kicking a football against the gate is always popular. We have also seen a lot of interest in planting sticks,some of which may actually root.

Some children like bugs. Some children do not like bugs. It has been beautiful to see how they care for each other and understand their different needs,likes and dislikes. 

Mre Idle said that they could have some water to add to the blossom and cutgrass mixture. This was very popular-almost as popular as digging holes.

Such happy learning.