Eggs-Inside and Out

At the end of last term Archie brought in a large goose egg. This caused a great deal of interest. Mrs McGill then brought in a selection of her eggs to compare the sizes and the colours. To start this term we have read Humpty Dumpty and taken a closer look at more eggs,who lays eggs and what an egg contains. The work has been fascinating. The children have handled the eggs with great care and only one dropped on the floor. The children made their own Humpty Dumpties from a selection of materials. An inusual egg made its way into our collection and they could tell that it was a bit different to the others. Everyone had their own ideas of what was inside ranging form dinosaurs and dirt bikes to puppies and possibly a unicorn. That egg has not yet hatched but it will very soon. Their writing and comments should be on the wall next week so do pop in to take a look. It’s cracking stuff.