Friday 4th November 2022

Hello All, 

Thank you for stopping by! 

It’s been a while since we last updated you, as we had our wonderful half term holiday last week. 

On the Friday before we broke up, we visited Whitby for a day being tourists. We visited Whitby Abbey, Whitby Museum and ate delicious fish and chips at the amazing Quayside. 

In RE this week, we continue to learn about Hinduism, and what it is like to be a Hindu in Britain today. Exploring this in more detail, we have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita, and how this resulted in the incredible Diwali festival. 

During Collective Worship, and within our prayer spaces, we are thinking about the value compassion. As we worship this value we thinking about how we can put others before ourselves. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will speak soon,