A Wonderful Week!

Learners have had a great start to the new half-term.

This week, in PSHCE we have been concentrating on our emotional health and well-being and have been becoming more aware of our own emotions. We have been able to recognise and label a range of feelings and enjoyed drawing pictures to help us understand the effect of our feelings in our day to day lives.

In RE, we have been learning more about a traditional Chrisitan infant baptism. Thank you to the families that sent in pictures on Tapestry, this was enjoyed by us all and really brought our learning to life. Learners could recognise the important actions and symbols within the service and were very keen to share their own baptism knowledge.

Learners always have their ‘Hedgehog Hero’ hats on. This week we have been writing letters to raise awareness of the dangers hedgehogs face as Bonfire Night approaches. If you are attending a Bonfire, please check there are no hedgehogs snuggling in the sticks, before you light it!

On Thursday we were amazed to listen to a visiting Band in School, it was an absolute joy. We found out about different musical instruments and the families they belong to. This was topped off by a performance from our own Discovers and Leaders, showing us their musical talents. What a musical delight.

In history, we have been learning about Elizabeth Botham and were delighted to find out that the Botham’s Shops we know and love, originally started with Elizabeth Botham selling bread from a basket in Whitby’s Old Market Place 150 years ago. We all had a current favourite item from Bothams that we could name and lick our lips about!

Such a wonderful week of learning!

I wonder what next week has in store?