Friday 24th January 2020

This week in maths, we have learned lots about fractions. We have been focusing on solving problems, that require us to complete more than one sum. This was tricky at first, but we are most certainly getting the hand of it now!

We have learned more about the life of a Hindu, within RE. Did you know that they believe in reincarnation: if somebody has lived a good life they return as a person, and if they have lived a selfish life they return as an animal. 

This week we were very excited to find out who would receive their pen license. Noah and Rachael were the first in Discoverers to prove that their handwriting was BRILLIANT all of the time. Well done to you two. 

We have finished writing our reports in English, and we have learned so much about the things that we can do to help save our planet. Did you know that a glass bottle take up to 1,000,000 years to decompose? So reuse them where possible, to avoid them washing away into our ocean. If you are interested in finding out about where your toothbrush goes after you have put it in the bin, please watch this link: