Friday 18th February 2022

The last week of the half term has been a busy one! 

The week began with Leaders enjoying an Egyptian drama experience with Louise – always a bit hit!  The children enjoyed learning about Egyptian life and the gruesome mummification, creating freeze frames, linked movements and then a recorded piece using IPads.  

The week ended with a day of heart related activities in support of CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund).  Leaders learned all about who they are and their work supporting children and families.  They also learned about the ‘clown doctors’ and their important role in keeping the children who find themselves in hospital smiling and happy.  Some Leaders decided to make their own ‘clown doctor’ clip Sleights style.


Here are some of the best bits of our half term:

Noah: I loved the session with Louise.

Mia: CHUF activities.

Corey: I have enjoyed making animations in ICT.

Rachael: I enjoyed using the marbling ink to create different effects.

Reegan: I have enjoyed learning about Algebra in maths.

Hollie: I liked making clay cartouches.

Leila: I enjoyed the mental health session with Mel, learning about the alarm clock in our brains.

Cheyenne: I enjoyed all the different science experiments.

Max: I liked the history activities.

Happy Half Term!