Friday 13th January 2023

The children in Leaders have continued to work hard across the curriculum this week.

In maths, the children have tackled their challenging work on fractions and are able to add and subtract fractions with different denominators and add and subtract mixed numbers.

In English, the children have continued to work on newspaper reports. This week, Leaders have focused on using a range of openers and can also use direct and reported speech. Next week, the children are looking forward to applying their skills to a full newspaper report.

In history, the children will be learned about crime and punishment throughout history. This week, the children completed their pre-assessment to consider what they already know. We are looking forward to finding out more next week. 

Lots of reading has taken place in Leaders class this week. We have read a further three chapters of our class text ‘Holes’ and have explored a non-fiction newspaper report in our other reading sessions. The children explored how to answer three mark questions about impressions and did a great job at achieving the full three marks.

Well done, Leaders!