Friday 11th November 2022

It has been another busy week in Leaders, with lots of brilliant leaning happening.

In maths, Leaders have been learning about common multiples and factors and have done a brilliant job of identifying these and applying their understanding to reasoning and problem solving questions.

Over the past two weeks in English, the children have been learning about explanation texts, with a focus on the life cycle of a star. The writing that has been produced so far has been amazing, with brilliant application of the skills they have been taught.

This week, there has been plenty of opportunity to be active in Leaders class. In addition to their usual swimming and dance sessions on a Tuesday, we were joined by Owen from Chance to Shine Cricket, who will be in school every Monday until Christmas. The children were able to develop their throwing, catching, batting and fielding skills in the lesson. The progress from one session was brilliant to see! We look forward to sharing how we get on each week with you.