A wonderous week of learning.

Learners have been awesome this week! We have had SO much fun with our learning!

On Monday, we were lucky to welcome Owen from Chance to Shine Cricket. He worked with Learners Class to develop our throwing and catching skills. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and are overjoyed to have 5 further sessions each Monday until Christmas.

In RE, we have been identifying ways people show they belong to each other when they get married. We had thoughtful discussions and were lucky to welcome Mr Grayson-Taylor to share his recent wedding celebration with us too. 

Our current topic in Science is Seasonal Change. Our learning focus this week has been George James Symons, a meteorologist who studied rainfall. With this in mind, we set up our own rain gauge outside our classroom and recorded the results each day. We were delighted with Tuesday’s 15mm of rainfall!

We have introduced William Shakespeare into the classroom this week (literally). We created our own research workshops and activities to find out about him. We found out he was born 500 years ago and had to write with a quill and ink at school, we had a go at this ourselves and found it very tricky. We laughed at the words Shakespeare had invented such as “bedroom, hobnob” and green-eyed” and found out the names of some of his most famous plays. We even asked for Mrs Gurney’s IT skills in using media to bring our research to life. We have been bursting with ideas to write about and Shakespeare has definitely made an impact on Learners Class this week!


I cannot wait to share Learners Classes successes with families in next week’s Parents Evenings!

Mrs Brown