Chicken Licken

Down in the forest we found an oak tree and under the tree we found lots of forest treasure. This treasure was piles and piles of acorns and we managed to sneak some away before the animals got them. They will be returned. After this trip to the forest, we have been retelling the story of Chicken Licken. The Pioneers have been using the story map and the basket of animals to support their own versions of the story.

Our story has Chicken Licken,Turkey Lurkey, Ducky Lucky and Lovey Dovey and one of the Pioneers suggested a very clever ending. He spotted that two of the birds were good at flying and the other two were not so Lovey Dovey and Ducky Lucky could fly to get help. The suggested ending was not so good for Foxy Loxy as he ends up chopped up and in the cooking pot!

It was wonderful to welcome our families on Friday to show off the classroom,indoors and out. The sun shone and it was lovely.

Looking forward to another cracking week. Go Pioneers!