23rd September 2022

Leaders have worked incredibly hard this week and so much excellent learning has taken place.

In English, we began our new unit on adverts. At the end of the unit, Leaders will be writing adverts persuading people to visit Whitby. To start, we looked at an advert about Scarborough and identified the audience and purpose before identifying the persuasive devices in the text. The leaders then considered their favourite places in Whitby and wrote about them using a range of openers.

In science, the children learned about what is in the universe. Each group was given a set of information that they were tasked with learning. Some members of the group then became teachers, with the rest of the children moving to a different group to be taught their information. Children then returned to their original group to feedback on what they had learned with others. It was amazing to see the children teaching one and other and lots of new facts were learned!

On Friday morning, it was brilliant to have families join us in the classroom again. We are looking forward to seeing more families for the second session on Monday.