Autumn days in the forest.

Learners have had a week full of super learning. We started the week with our new RE topic, around belonging to a faith community. We thought about the groups we belonged to. We drew pictures and discussed how belonging to our special groups made us feel. This prompted some meaningful conversations and discussions. 

On Tuesday, we had so much fun clapping and dancing to the beat of some ‘groovy’ music. Beat is our music focus this half-term and we are SO going to enjoy finding the beat in different music types.

In Science, we are learning more about seasonal change. So on Thursday, we headed down to the forest to see the signs of Autumn for ourselves. Amongst other things, we found autumnal leaves, brambles and acorns. We enjoyed some painting in the forest too. We figured out how we could make the secondary colours we needed (orange, purple and green) from mixing the primary colours that we had (red, blue and yellow). The sun was shining and we had a fun packed day learning outdoors. It is safe to say we had the BEST day!

We can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

Learners Class 🙂