Another fantastic week for the Adventurers!

Hi families,

We have had another successful and fun week in Adventurers. We started the week by publishing our ‘Tour of Britain’ writing. We then moved on to look at the benefits of cycling and why we think more people should use bikes!

In History we are learning all about ‘Whitby’. We started this learning by understanding how Whitby got its name.  Next week we are going to be looking at Saint Hilda. If you have some time over the weekend, why not do a little bit of research ready for Tuesday! 

In our Art lesson we looked at some artwork by ‘Bridget Riley’. Next week we are going to start mixing colours in preparation for creating our own artwork inspired by Bridget Riley’s.

In our RE lessons we are learning about the ‘Creation Story’. This week we thought about something that was ‘good’ in the world and how God would want us to look after it. We created a set of instructions that would allow us to look after it like God would want us to.

Have a lovely weekend!