A Very Dramatic Week

Hello All,

This week has been somewhat dramatic, with drama featuring in many areas of our learning. We have been created scenes from Shakespeare’s Tempest, acting out our parts for the Christmas Nativity, and dramatising new vocabulary to help us remember the meaning behind it. We love drama!

On Wednesday, we also created posters advertising our own Diwali festival. As we have been learning all about Hinduism, and the importance of Diwali, we thought it would be great to design a poster that included the meaning behind it. 

Although the rain hasn’t stopped for what feels like the entire week, the sky was bright for a very special event on Wednesday morning, as we were joined by families to celebrate the opening of our two new buildings. This was a wonderful celebration of Mrs McGill and Mrs Bland who have dedicated many years to our incredible school, and have been here since the first buildings were erected.